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The Fortiskap

Our Mission

Stop the next prescription from leading to an adverse patient event by introducing innovative technology to enhance clinical communication and prescription adherence transparency.

Low adherence increases readmissions 250%

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1 in 4 students report misusing prescription stimulants

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Our Focus

At our core, Cosmos is a data company focused on data driven insights to improve patient care.

Patients sometimes cross over a threshold of poor medication adherence that drives adverse events before they know it… and especially before their doctor is brought into the fold.

We monitor and secure patient medications to not only help manage their daily treatment plans but also alert them to adverse events with enough time to act.

Our Product

The FortisKap

Prescription pill bottle cap with a fingerprint scanner
Fingerprint Scanner

Grants access to the authorized user(s)

Dosage Quantity Estimate

Real-time estimate of patient dosage quantity

Time of Opening

Track patient therapy adherence

Prescription Usage Statistics

Use care metrics to provide reasons for physician intervention

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