Our Vision

Keeping your medication safe and secure

Our Story

Cosmos’s origin stems from the lasting and devastating effects that prescription medication abuse has on families across the nation. Alexander Colton experienced this first hand growing up and decided a tangible product solution could curb the opioid epidemic. His vision for a real time monitoring and security solution to assist with patient’s recovery was set in stone after his close friend died of a prescription overdose. Cosmos aims to implement FortisKap across the nation to identify and prevent another family from enduring the pain of addiction and loss. 

What We Offer

Trusted Medication Security

Fortiskap restricts medication access to the authorized user(s) with a biometric lock

Real-Time Data into Action

Cosmos passively monitors prescription usage rates and reminds users to take their medicine

Confident Medication Adherence

Cosmos collects prescription usage statistics to employ new data-driven insights for the prevention and management of prescription use disorders

Value To customers

Cosmos aims to provide physicians with a transparent understanding of their patients’ medication adherence habits by offering a safe and secure device to protect and monitor prescription medications. FortisKap limits illicit access to prescription medications and gathers valuable usage statistics in real-time to visualize adherence trends for physicians. The adherence trends will be visualized on the physician’s pre-existing platform offering actionable insights to inform treatment decisions and interventions.